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Blog has proved itself to be a prime source of earning livelihood in the modern era. This is because of the fact that more business houses are now hiring expert bloggers to promote their business via internet. Till sometime back, blogs used to be a past time affair for many, but today blogs are an essential marketing tool for business houses. The situation is such; now marketing these blogs have become a major headache for them.


The pre-requisites of a productive blog management planas charted out by our professionals at web spy technology include:

  • You must have a well-defined target audience
  • You must guide the blogger well about your domain of operations
  • You also must submit the list of keywords you want him to optimize
  • Making right decisions about linking your blogs.


There are also a number of things critical to blog management, which should be taken care of by & large to ensure maximum viewing & enhance link popularity. Our dedicated blog management team hasanalyzed this aspect as well post thorough analysis of numerous blogs, blog ratings & search engines optimization techniques.


These include:

  • Regular updation of blog contents
  • Quality blogroll management
  • Efficient search engine optimization etc.


Blog management services which we can offer you include:

  • Cost efficient blog comment services
  • Efficient article posting services to enhance link building
  • Search engine friendly blog writing
  • Running social media campaigns for blog marketing & promotion
  • Dedicated blog maintenance service- including content updation, blog comment moderation, etc.


In this overpopulated inhabitation of multiple similar blogs, factors like relevant & quality blog posts augments unique selling points of a blog. Moreover, aspects like blogroll management can help engage visitors to a blog, thereby increasing visitor responses as well as accumulating sufficient web traffic. Moreover, blog writing by in-house blogging experts have been an unique feature of Web spy technology, one aspect which has added credibility to our blogger team year after year, making us one of the premier blog management services company in India.


After gathering years of experience, our team has chalked out priorities when working with blogs, which is why we give special attention to blog updation, maintaining frequency of proper key words in blog content to aid crawling of search engines.


Apart from the above points, here's a list of key points you must also include before asking us to submit a quote for blog management services:

  • Physical ambience of your blog
  • SEO services you would like to be done by us
  • Blog analysis services like blog reboot
  • Your budget


Other than all these, you may also contact us if you wish to transform your blogs into press releases, or would like us to include links to your blogs


Blog management has now become one of our most flourishing departments, with requests pouring in from India & from around the world.That is why, our services are dynamic in nature & thus, you can expect us to optimize your blog for better lead generation, most up to date promotional techniques & most of all, quality blog content.