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The concept of call center is deep rooted with the desire of serving customers in a better way. Since, its evolution, call centers have had a huge impact in the work culture of the globe. Call centers alone have generated huge number of employment opportunities originating from IT, management, retail, advertisement & many other sectors. Therefore, the viability of Call centers can very well ascertained from all the above facts.


We offer various call center services including:

  • Inbound call centers
  • Serving teleservices merchants
  • Outbound call centers etc.


Our expert Call center services spans a large domain of businesses from IT to management, & from automobiles to beverages etc.


The advantages that you will instantly get hold of while registering for our call center services include:

  • Instant work place setup, including all the technological requirements & tools
  • Instant estimation of operational costs involving software budgets, hardware costs, personnel compensation etc.
  • 24X7 inbound or outbound customer services, with sufficient number of attendants as per your requirements
  • Transparent operations leading to facilitate work monitoring
  • Affordable monthly, quarterly or annual payment options as per your convenience


But more than services, Web spy technology emphasizes satisfaction of your esteemed customers & potential customers. Our call center attendants are specially trained & placed only after undergoing rigorous training courses which include attending inbound voice calls, making outbound calls, maintaining work place ethics, performing consistently during awkward conversations etc. Therefore, with us, you can be rest assured that you've opted for the best services partner in this domain.


Our call center training modules are choked out after performing the following:

  • In-depth research of your client & consumer behavior & traffic pattern
  • Thorough reviewing of needful customer information
  • Examining technical knowledge & friendliness of working with computers & also in a 24X7 environment


We offer the following set of rigorous training session & lessons to our call center employees to ensure consistent performance including:

  • Listening skill enhancement classes
  • Dealing with upset or discourteous customers
  • Adopting neutral accent lessons
  • E-mail etiquettes etc.


We also offer teleservices for merchants, through which they can perform a number of key tasks:

  • Billing customers by appending credit amounts to their telephone bills
  • Outsource the process of selling products to our inbound call centers, so as to facilitate customer satisfaction


But, we always recommend that our clients inform us in advance about the local teleservices regulations, limitations if any, or restrictions in advance, so that we can serve you accordingly & operate in a legitimate manner.


The sole asset of our call center services are our relentless endeavor to offer you with world class services, thereby enhancing your customer satisfaction & considering your investment on us to be worthwhile. Since, we've operated with various technology organizations, we're very much aware of the needs of different corporations.


As part of our continuous endeavor to improve our services, we:

  • Monitor day to day operations by recording telephonic conversations
  • Instantly Submit operational reports to your organization's delegates to help you with key information