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Microsoft .net technology is regarded as one of the most reliablesoftware package for web development in Microsoft Technology. It is also regarded as one of the most secured software package for developing such applications. So much so, that it is being used in parallel with Oracle's Java software packages in developing mobile applications as well. is one of the popularly used software for developing web applications in this modern era which works syntactically the best with pages developed by using Active server pages technology. It's part of the popular .net framework & hence utilizes the advantages of runtime features like inheritance, interoperability, versioning & type safety.


Our experts here at Web spy technology work though days & moths to keep themselves updated with the latest inclusions in this package provided by Microsoft. This is the reason; we believe that we build the most updated, secured applications, which mitigates the probability of bugs in the applications as well.


The core services we concentrate in include:

  • Application development
  • Web based application development
  • Custom web application
  • Web services etc.


Our .net development approach application development after performing the following tasks:

  • Thorough study of the feasibility & application scope of the application
  • Relevance of the application in present day world
  • Customer feedbacks, opinion polls
  • How to create cross-platform .net applications


We recommend our clients to make use of the immense independence, time saving features that .net framework gives to developers as well as to end users. The principal advantages .net framework offers include:

  • Coding robust applications in very less number of lines of code, reducing development time as well as complexity in detecting software bugs
  • Maintenance tasks are easier in .net framework as HTML & source code reside side by side
  • Compatibility issues are mitigated to negligible extent through side-by-side & backward compatibility features of .net framework
  • It reduces designing & development time considerably through its design-time support feature embedded in its architecture


Our developers make proper utilization of the design-time customization options, its reliable deployment features, etc.


Custom web development is another platform, where we're rapidly increasing personnel to meet the increasing number of .net development requests from clients. We consult with your organization's software experts to makes sure of what resources you can afford, so that we don't overburden you with technological costs which doesn't fit in your budget. This is because; we give preference to work the most, not the size of organization we work with, because what one can afford may not be affordable to others. But this should never deprive those organizations from receiving services form the world's most robust application development software package.


As our .net team develops both software applications as well as web applications, we emphasize on the fact that they work in a coordinated manner, until the deployment phase comes, one into software & the other in World Wide Web. This is to reduce work overhead & also cutting short the time required for developing such applications.


We also have a dedicated services center for .net, where you can forward all your queries & after sales recommendations.