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Mobile SEO easier said than done

With the world going mobile this 21st century, another scope has opened up for business houses to market their products via mobile marketing. The mobile statistics of the globe has drastically taken off & now includes not only, messaging services, but also high speed internet surfing, online web browsing & shopping too. From palmtops, IPhones & IPads to variant smartphones, there were about 5.3 billion mobile subscribers around the world, with majority being Chinese. This is the reason; web spy technology has put together a team of sound technicians from the industry to work for its mobile SEO department. We offer mobile SEO services which involve:

  • Website analysis
  • Mobile website design
  • Mobile website development
  • Mobile search engine optimization
  • Accessibility


Website analysis is an indispensible methodology for analyzing the pros & cons of a website & thus optimizes it to construct search engine friendly websites. A proper website analysis will provide you with:

  • Analysis of your website's popularity
  • Detection of bad links on your website
  • Gathering statistics of web traffic to your website etc.


But, mobile website designing is a bit different than designing a normal website accessible only via computers. This is predominantly because of the device used to access these websites, i.e. mobile or PDAs where attention span of users is limited to a 3 to 5inch screen most of the time. Therefore, our SEO specialist perspective will always be an added advantage whenever you will allow us to design your '.mobi' domain.


In mobile search engine optimization, we go about our task following the below mentioned steps:

  • Registering your website domain
  • Arrange mobile web hosts for you to host your website (if you don't have one)
  • Use of valid XHTML 1.0 code for website coding to enable hassle free tracking of your website by mobile search engines
  • Attaching World wide web consortium (W3C) web accessibility advantage to your mobile website so as to make your website accessible to all,
  • Apply traditional SEO techniques like applying suitable header tags, meta tags etc, to your .mobi domain


We also offer the following mobile website optimization services:

  • Keyword research
  • Multilingual mobile site optimization.


Keyword research is no surprise the biggest tool for magnetizing search engines & more specifically search engine crawlers to enable indexing your website. The task of integrating researched keywords into your web content is best accomplished by specialist content writers, which we can offer you as well. Multilingual or multi language mobile website has become a rage by the end of the first decade of this 21st century. From tech gadget websites to retail websites, everyone has a multilingual approach, all to accomplish one purpose, popularizing their products & offering, thereby spread their identity to a targeted amount of mass population.

For mobile SEO, we also keep a note of the following key aspects:

  • Integrating keywords with head tags, H1 tags etc
  • Constructing keyword populated anchor tags used to links among pages in a website etc.


The mobile revolution has been slow and steady. From a simple device used to call and receive it has become a high end computational device. With the onset of the mobile revolution, many web services have also extended and integrated themselves with WAP. Search, the dominant service on the net has also extended it’s capability to the mobile user. Companies like Google, Yahoo and MSN are investing heavily to mark their dominance in the mobile search scramble. It is estimated that mobile search revenues would generate around $33.2 million dollars in 2007 and increase to around $ 102.3 million dollars in 2008(source: emarketer), an increase by more than three times.


Now that the mobile Web is mainstream, everyone is launching mobile Web sites. The problem is no one seems to know how to drive traffic to them. As a result, mobile search engine optimization has emerged as a big topic for everyone from marketers to online editors and publishers. The mobile Web, though, is not as developed as the desktop Web and as a result, optimizing mobile sites for search is far from easy.


Our Mobile Website Optimisation Services Include:

  • Website analysis
  • Mobile website design
  • Mobile website development
  • Mobile search engine optimization
  • Accessibility
  • Keyword research
  • Multilingual mobile site optimisation


What we do during Mobile SEO:


  • Registering and hosting your .mobi domain name if you dont have
  • On-site mobile SEO
  • 100% valid XHTML 1.0 code : Mobile search engines however may have more trouble digesting invalid code. Be safe! If you validate, mobile search engines won't have any trouble with your site.
  • W3C's Web Accessibility : These will ensure that your content is accessible to anyone regardless of their platform
  • this includes mobile users and mobile search engines. The W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative is a good place to turn for the latest information on accessibility.
  • Registering and hosting your .mobi domain name if you dont have
  • On-site mobile SEO

Getting spidered and indexed by mobile search engines
If you want mobile search engines to spider and index your site, they must know about it first. Submit your site to major mobile search engines for quick spidering. It is also a good idea to ensure that each of your pages has at least one incoming link.

We also take care few minor but very important steps while optimizing mobile sites:

  • Optimizing for keywords and short phrases
  • Keywords in title tag, H1 tags, H2's, and the content itself
  • Bookmarking
  • Keyword rich anchor text for internal links

Search engine optimization for mobile phones and handheld gadgets is not very different from regular SEO. The most important aspect or priority of mobile SEO is ensuring that your customers or visitors can view your website correctly on their wireless device with complete details.