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Web 2.0 Services
Web 2.0 Services… It's more than just communicating and positioning.

In 2004, O'Reilly media coined the term Web 2.0 for the very first time, which in today's virtual world refers to the collection of web services & use of dedicated applications to encourage human interaction with latest information & happenings. Web spy technology has served numerous national & international clients in promoting their websites through ourscrutinized Web 2.0 methodologies.


We offer Web 2.0 services via methodologies like:


Web 2.0 predominantly concentrates on Social media marketing & its associated aspects like RSS feeds, local news, linking relevant videos or images, inserting like or share buttons etc. The entire phenomenon as you could rightly make out concentrates on the social interaction of users. RSS feeds can be referred to as web gadgets inserted into webpages by companies for delivering news & information which are frequently updated. RSS feeds are used for delivering information regarding businesses, personal blogs, articles or updates made to social networking sites.


Like & share buttons are indispensible part of web 2.0 marketing. These buttons are two indispensible parts of social interaction sites like Facebook, twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg etc. The criteria used here is the more number of likes or shares ensure multiplied number of views for your website information, which enhances reciprocal linking, link popularity as well.


&We also assist you in marketing your product via video promotions. We'll make sure the information you want to convey to your visitors or users are accompanied by a video link, linked to videos you submit to us or from video sharing websites like YouTube. This will provide you with the scope of marketing your business in a face to face manner.


We also do post press releases of your website developments at suitable internet locations for maximizing press release views. This methodology can multiply your changes of landing up on top of ladder in search engine result pages. Proper density of keywords in the press release would be an added advantage.


Blog posting is another aspect of efficient web 2.0 marketing, as it provides an anonymous platform for diverse users to interact through a particular topic search on search engine pages. This blog posts often embed videos to enhance incoming web traffic. We'll submit your website content links to such blog sites, thus enabling you to market your website.


Article submission is another service we provide our clients for effective web 2.0 marketing, though it'll require you to write website content. We provide content writing service too, which you can avail for this purpose. Proper frequency of keywords, appropriate title, etc. will increase your chances of enhancing your web engine rankings as well.


We're a veteran firm in the field of web 2.0 promotions & provide Twitter marketing &Facebook marketing too. Therefore, options are plenty, you must consult with us to make sure you don't burden yourself with unnecessary service costs which don't fit in your profile, & go for SEO services you genuinely require to multiply your finances.