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Web Based Database Solutions
Web-Based Membership Database Management Solutions

Traditionally, web based database solutions constitutes web based applications&solutions for associated database tasks. Therefore, it is pretty much obvious that this task requires individual teams of prowess in building database applications, as well as providing web based solutions to be integrated under one big lineup. No one does it better than web spy technology.


We've been operating in SEO, web application solution sector for a number of years now. This has helped us & our clients gain edge over their competitors when it comes to understanding of prospects of a project & its viability in modern day market.


With regard to database solutions, our set of core services includes:

  • Database Administration
  • Database Solutions
  • Web based application development
  • Custom web application
  • Web based services


Typically, web based database solutions provide real time access to any database from any anonymous location. Therefore, it goes without saying that the principal purpose of web based database is to globalize the data &make it available to maximum number of clients, users or customers within the shortest period of time. Moreover, because of the reason, that Web spy technology provides database administration services India & abroad as well, it'll always be of prime requirement that the designed system be capable of scalable, flexible & adaptable to more than a single catastrophic situation. Thus, we depend on tested & highly acclaimed software frameworks while developing your applications. The software packageswe employ include, My SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL etc.


Database solutions typically consists of multiple aspects of a business including inventory, product details, file records, sensitive organizational information etc. This is why, we emphasize on the following while framing database systems:

  • Security of the system
  • Response of the system under critical conditions which may occur during business operations like automatic timely storing for saving important data during loss of power
  • Scalability of the system
  • Flexibility & compatibility of the system
  • Easy to use interface.


For a matter of fact, it would be significant to mention the applications of web based database solutions in modern day world. Some of these include:

  • Educational institutions- Students access college or school notes, data through authenticated ID & password
  • Corporate databases- Corporate databases hold key organizational data including annual reports, finances, cash flows, sales etc. which can be made available to stakeholders through web based application
  • E-business- Online shopping malls, websites host thousands of their products with the help of a backend database whose contents are accessed by the user via web application.


There are certain unique benefits of web based database systems, which are factually indispensible. Some of these include:

  • Enhanced business to customer relationship, enhanced CRM
  • Reduced work load at back office, leaving scope for investing time on key tasks
  • Systematic & secured access to data, authentication logic must be implemented
  • Low risk investment on your part as it requires lesser money to implement a whole new system, shorter time to complete implementation
  • Eliminates data loss worries, data backup is an integral part of our database solutions.